W.B.THAMM Made in NYC – Interview of Deedee

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Today, it’s all for you my Dear Gentlemen! WBTHAMM, it’s some classy, colorful, original with a slight touch of retro style  creations, everything you need to make women melt even more…Discover Deedee’s world, the designer of the brand, who fell in love with Men fashion and accessorizes, for our great happiness. For a gift or for a little treat (yes, these lovely creations are totally affordable), keep this brand in mind, we’ll talk about it soon again..and it’s also Made in NYC, what else?! ;-)


Hi Deedee! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what “WBTHAMM” is all about?

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I had worked for women’s clothing line over there for 2 years and then I moved to NYC 7 years ago to pursue another degree. After I graduated the graphic&Illustration degree from Pratt Institute, first job I landed was an assistant designer for men’s wear. Since then I have just fallen in love to this men’s fashion world. W.B.THAMM has been created under concept of “Playful, Classic and yet Contemporary” which is pretty much the reflection from my personality. I would like to create simple objects in thoughtful process, express myself into my designs and project it as crafted high quality products.


When did you become interested in sewing and crafting, and make your first creations? Where did your creative journey begin? Tell us your story!

My mom always encouraged me to draw since I was a little girl. She is the first person who’s inspired me to be creative. My first sewing, which I was pretty proud at that time, was my Barbie’s dress. I grew up in a middle class family which we didn’t have a lot of money. My mom didn’t allow me to buy a new dress for my Barbie doll… OK fine (little upset)… that’s why I made one by myself. After that I realized I always enjoy spending time in sewing and crafting and I have created new things with my own style ever since.


Where does your inspiration come from? Can you please describe your creative process?

My inspirations/ new ideas come from everywhere – what people wearing on the street, window displays that I saw while I was walking home, trends on runways, stories I read, or even the colors & prints on packages I bought from stores. Everything that surrounded me keeping me up-to-date and I’d like to bring it to my creative process, and develop it into my perspective.


A song that could represent your work?

Harder, Better, Faster – Daft Punk.

Apart from creating things, what do you do? What kind of artists are you?

I still love drawing and painting but I think I’m doing better by using fabric as a medium. I make my own cloth sometimes. I do hand quilting too but not so often because it’s time-consuming. 2 years ago I did quilting for art gallery, it took me 2 months working everyday to finish only one piece… very exhausted. Beside those, I love cooking!!



If you had to use three words to describe yourselves, what would it be?

Quirky/ Creative/ Passionate


What do you think motivates others to buy handmade?

The uniqueness and meticulously details that you cannot get from mass products. Also it’s the great way to support the local community and small businesses, makes them grow beautifully :)


If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

I wish I could have been able to talk in any languages, because I think communication is very powerful. So I could have truly learned their cultures, open my mind to all kinds of inspirations. And I would love to travel around the world.


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The Eldorado for your brand/shop/creations? What do you dream of?

Every designer’s dream is to have his or her own shop. Of course, I am one of them! I would love to have a small shop somewhere in Soho, create W.B.THAMM as a men’s life style brand. Having some celebrities wear my stuff. Haha sounds awesome!


What would be your advice to young artists, starting their own business?

Well, I have just started my business not long ago. However, what I have learned is to love what you do, be optimistic and never give up. One day, your hard work will be paid off.

blue rose

Do you have any upcoming news to share with the readers about your business such as upcoming events, new items, sales, etc.?

I just launched my winter mini collection last week; the concept is “Urban Indigo” – impression of dark color tone in indigo and brown.

Please check it out! http://www.wbthamm.com/collections/winter-14

mini indigo

One last thing you would like to say to your readers?

Thank you for all supports from my family, friends and lovely customers who make me keep doing what I believe in.




Contact: wbthamm@gmail.com

Website & Online shop: www.wbthamm.com

Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/WBTHAMM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wbthamm

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