“Makr” THE new design app, THE good DIY plan!

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MAKR, the new DIY good plan!

about makr

Labels, invitations, business cards, stickers, banners, and many other original documents and decorations…

Stylish typos with a huge choice of patterns and colors, nothing’s better than MAKR! An app made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, of course – to become a graphist in less than a click! Unfortunately, it’s only available on iPad for now, but it’s free! :-)

Let’s look at some examples?





Makr is a design app for next-generation makers: the creative entrepreneur, the DIYer, the next-level home entertainer, grand mothers experts in jams and others pastries for which they keep the secret, families who love personalized wishes cards…everybody!






The concept behind Makr? using digital tech to enrich the handmade movement and our shared love of old-fashioned craft. For that, Makr provides sophisticated design tools – exclusive to professional studio use until now!

In Makr, you can choose from endlessly customizable templates to make your own business cards, invitations, product labels, favor and gift tags, recipe cards, stickers, announcements, stationery, greeting and holiday cards, and more. Then bring your digital design to life by printing your hi-res project at home or ordering professional prints directly through the app.



When Design becomes available for everyone! easy, fast and fun! Let’s do it!

Personnally, I won’t hesitate one second to use Makr, next time I need personalized cards and stickers for my homemade granola jars!



If you do beautiful things with Makr (of course it will be beautiful!), please share with us! We’d love that.

We all have some artistic genes…Makr will just help you show the world you do!


So, have fun, and share THE good plan with your friends! <3


 To know more about Makr, it’s here : http://www.makrplace.com/

To learn about mixing colors on your documents, it’s there : http://www.makrplace.com/guide-to-using-color/

And to visit the “Ali Baba cavern” kind of blog by Makr, it’s just here : http://www.makrplace.com/blog/






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