Interview of Lolita : Illustrator and Artist of Lolita Picco

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Today, let’s discuss with Lolita, a young French artist from the South of France, a talented illustrator and the creator of the brand Lolita Picco. I just LOVE her creations. They are so personal, made so meticulously and with so much love. And there is always this delicate vintage touch that makes all the difference. You can find and buy her creations on Etsy, where I discovered her, and she also has a website and a FB page. All the links at the end of this wonderful interview…

Hi Lolita! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what “Lolita Picco” is all about?
I’m an illustrator and the creator of the brand Lolita Picco, I’m 27, live in Marseille but I was born in Martigues, a little close town. After finishing my studies in Applied Arts in 2008, I started my freelance activity as a graphist, as this is my main area of expertise.
However, I quickly specialized in illustration  and started to do it spontaneously on various supports (notebooks, postcards, etc). As I received many positive feedbacks from my “clients” when I took part in crafts shows, I decided to create my own brand in 2012. I just took the time to acquire some professional experiences and feel ready to officially launch my little company!
When did you become interested in illustration and start working with the techniques you use today ? Where did your creative journey begin? Tell us your story
It will maybe seems basic or not original, but as much as I can remember, I have always had a pen in my hand. I created comics, and many detailled storyboards for games that we invented with my sisters. I loved to create, draw, that is why I chose the Applied Arts major when I entered High School. I spent my high school years discovering all the facets and domains of Applied Arts, I couldn’t choose between fashion design and graphism, but at the end the second one won the game. My love for illustration really started while I was studying Visual Communication. I enjoyed more working on visual expression works that anything else. I could express what I felt, and at this time I had a lot to say!
My interest in collage started quickly in 2007. I had a collection of old pictures found in attic sales and I just wanted to give them a second life. I could then tell very personal stories through my illustrations, and as I am very meticulous, I could spend entire weeks to perfect the last details. Each element had a meaning, obvious or not, at least for me it was like my private journal.
card camion
Where does your inspiration come from? Can you please describe your creative process ?
My inspiration mainly comes from my everyday life : my family first, most of my pictures used for my illustrations are taken from my grand-parents old pictures albums. My friends, because they have used to call me “morue” (familiar name for Cod) for many years now (but I have to say that I like them still), my city Marseille, endless source of expressions that I like to honor in my works…So, my inspirations are often very personal. I’m also very sensitive to what we call the “second degree humour”, I like making people smile with my illustrations!
My creative process is quite simple : I start with an expression or an idea that I want to illustrate. I find a picture that inspires me and I develop around it with shapes, colors, texts. I assemble, I cut, I glue, until the arrangement looks balanced and reflects what I had in mind at first.
A song that could represent your work?
One of my favorite songs of all times is ”The Ghetto” by Donny Hathaway, or “Didn’t Cha Know” by Erykah Badu…I don’t know if they really represent my work, but I can listen to them every single day without getting bored.
Apart from creating things, what do you do? What kind of artist are you? 
When I’m not creating, I read a lot (around one book a week!), I spend some time with my friends and family, I like travelling, getting tanned on the beach on summer time, like any good southern people, taking pictures, or sleeping…I’m a 27 years old young
woman totally normal, I guess.
And I don’t consider myself like an artist; all the events in the artistic world, like opening exhibitions, talking about our own creations, etc, make me often feel uncomfortable.
 mug vintage 2
If you had to use three words to describe yourself…
Curious, Natural and Nostalgic.
What do you think motivates others to buy handmade?
The coming back of a life with values, of the work made with love and a will of proximity. It’s far more interesting to discuss with the artist, to learn about his/her background, to know how he/she creates, to support local buying, rather than going to a huge supermarket and leave it with products that everybody already has. So, in a word, for proximity, originality and human value!
morue 2
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Time travelling. I would love to spend a day in the 1910′s or at the Far West period for example, to get the opportunity to observe people living and ask them a lot of questions about their everyday lives. I’m a History addict.
The Eldorado for your brand/shop/creations? What do you dream of?
Going on! On the way I’m taking now, everyday! To develop more and more my brand and be present in many lovely boutiques all around the world.
It makes me feel so happy when I see people touched by my creations, because I put so much of myself into it. So I would like to continue like it until I am an old grand ma.
What would be your advice to young artists, starting their own businesses? 
Do not give up at the first hurdles. Because there will be many of them, It’s not easy to build its own artistic company, and we are never financially sustainable/stable immediately, so it’s necessary to be passionate and determined to get some success.
Do you have any upcoming news to share with the readers about your business such as upcoming events, new items, sales, etc.?
Since early January I have started selling in different shops in France and even abroad, what makes me feel really happy! So I hope I ‘ll continue expanding step by step. Also, I’ll start working on new items that will be available for Spring  for the Craft Shows season! I really like taking part in this kind of events, because it’s a great opportunity to directly talk to our clients and it’s so enriching and stimulating.
card 2
One last thing you would like to say to your readers?
MORUE FOREVER !!! (“COD” Forever ;-) )
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