How to Organize my Jewelry at Home

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How to organize my Jewelry at Home…Big question!

I’m sure you all have a lot of jewels! One here, one there. How to organize properly all that beautiful stuff, prevent it from getting tangled, and how to get everything within easy reach every morning to find THE perfect piece to match your outfit? What if I told you that I have some suggestions especially for you, and that most of them will even add a lovely touch of decoration in your room…Let’s me show you what I’ve found! Beautiful, original, practical, easy to make, pick the one you love and make it your own, according to your style!

Let’s go!


Simply use some lovely fine vases to hold your large bracelets, and cuffs. That’s all! And if you are not a lot into vases, you can also choose a beautiful wine bottle or a Champagne bottle (that’s even better! pick the one you had with your loved one at your last romantic evening). It’s simple, not bulky, and it’s easy to pick THE bracelet you choose for the day.

vases bijoux

Short and Long NECKLACES 

Here is a selection of lovely and practical hangers for your necklaces, that get tangled all the time (be honest, yours too, no?)

Lots of revisited coat hangers can then become a perfect display for your necklaces. Not cumbersome and super practical, you just have to find yours! Don’t forget to go to the next garage/attic sale in your neighborhood or make some search on Etsy, there are a lot of fabulous vintage shops! :-)

rack losange

A beautiful curtain rod and some “S” hangers. Perfect! Relevant setting for those of you who have a lot of heavy necklaces with lots of beads or large pendants.

necklaces barre
A small wood board and some beautiful handles of you choice! Easy to make if you have the tools at home.


This last one is a lovely choice for those of you who wear minimalist jewelry, and light weight long necklaces. A cord and some clothes pins, that’s all. And if it’s not sufficient for your creative mind, you can customize the pins with washi colorful tape or paint.


 EARRINGS and Little things

As a tea addict, I can’t be anything else than a fan of this following jewelry storage idea. Combining two of my passions is a pleasure! Mix and match the colors with some vintage tea cups, it will give the charming touch to your jewelry drawer!

cups 3

And for the foodies, here is the “metal molds” idea! Lovely, isn’t it?

bijoux molds


Here are some originals ideas, some being real decoration items!

The chain with large links for your earrings…

An animal decoration with these horns, that play the perfect necklaces and bracelets hanger!


A heavy vase with some branches…

Some lovely vintage tea cups, a tube of super glue, and here is your gorgeous and so original jewelry storage sculpture! Trust me, your girl friends will be jealous… (can’t wait to make my own!)

cup mountain

Your turn, handy people! Hoping that these ideas will inspire you. For those of you who are not in the mood for some DIY projects, go and take a look at these lovely French Handmade jewelry hangers, in the Etsy shop Miloo Mila I find them so adorable!

And for more ideas, please visit my Pinterest board “Jewelry @ Home” :


RECOMMENDATIONS to take care of you jewels

Following some questions I got from customers, I would like to share with you some recommendations for jewelry care, so it can keep its shine for a long time. All jewels deserve care, the ones that are based on precious materials as well as the ones that are more fashion jewels based on fabrics or non precious metals.

1 – There is no jewel that likes water and humidity. Whatever the materials, it’s strongly recommended to avoid direct contact with water (except real gold and silver that are ok with that), especially if your piece of jewelry includes non precious metals, fabric, leather, and beads that are not glass or stones. Of course, keeping jewelry while taking a shower is also not recommended at all of you want it to keep all its shine. So please take two seconds to take off your jewelry before your shower. They will thank you for that! :-) And storage related, you should not keep your jewels in your bathroom when you’re not wearing them. The ambient humidity will have a bad effect on them.

2 – Jewels don’t like perfumes and cosmetics. So, little trick, spray your perfume before putting your jewelry and accessorizes on. Same thing for cosmetics, you should take time to take off your rings and bracelets before spreading your perfumed moisturizing handcream. :-)

3 – If you can not keep or don’t have the space to keep your jewelry in a dry environment like your room, please take some time to put your jewels in a dry place, away from air and humidity. Little boxes, little bags, drawers, lots of possibilities! And trust me it’s not so hard and does not take long time to do it. You’ll get used to it quickly and your beautiful pieces of jewelry will thank you for that. Even those that are made of gold and silver, as they won’t get oxidized with time. <3


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