Trip to the Fripesparty #13! Nantes, June 29th & 30th, 2013

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First public exhibition for Sophie & Renée Fashion Jewelry !


What could be better to celebrate the launching of this brand new blog than an article telling you the adventures of Sophie & Renée at the Fripesparty in Nantes, last June ?! First public exhibition for the brand and so incredible memories !

In a few words, for the non-locals, the Fripesparty (Thriftparty) it was : 3000m2 of exhibition in the old industrial Ahlstom Hall, on the Nantes island, decorated for the occasion with great colorful tags ; it was also «  the place to be for the fashion addicts looking for the best deals and for the new trendy designers and artists », a Beauty Bar for a chic and choc make-up and hairstyle, a Nail Bar, a photo studio, a lounge area with its armchairs made of tires, perfect place to taste delicious macarons, a wild DJ, SO, in a word, The Fripesparty is a giant second hand market place where you can find vintage, and expensive brands, and discover some new artists (like us !) in a very festive atmosphere. It’s a real Ali Baba’s cave for all purses !

For us, the Fripesparty, it has also been : a huge preparation for the jewels creation but also for the stand conception (especially when you are a perfect beginner ; but we are always full of ideas fortunately !) ; a car completely full to drive from Morlaix to Nantes ; a nice week end with plenty of sun, great encounters on our stand and outside of it (I had to do some shopping though…) and the desire to come back one day, to meet even more people and share the next new designs !


We get up early to be at the opening of the Hall at 8am. As a Dream Team (my chéri, my brother and I) we take the car full of treasures and arrive on time (fantastic achievement for the three of us all together, trust me !). The main entrance is already filled with organizers and exhibitors.

Fripesparty Main Entrance

We park, here we are, this is D-Day ! We’ll finally install this first stand ! The badges around the neck (classy !) we go to our reserved space. The excitation grows a little bit more when I see several stands of clothes around me  already well set up. It’s 8.30am, the party starts at 11am, top chrono !

Installation in the Hall

First task : build the tables (thanks ikea !) and well. Fortunately my partners manage it splendidly and far better than I could have ever done, even with the best will in the world. I take advantage of this time to organize all the settings on which the jewels will be displayed. I can’t wait to see the long necklaces with the tassels hanging on the new T displays « Home made by Papy ». With their granite stone support, I bring a piece of Finistere to Nantes…

The black tables are all set, the white and beige displays are on place and bring a very nice contrast to the ensemble, it’s now time to arrange all the jewels ! With the help of the perfectionnist eye of my architect brother, the colors and materials combine harmoniously. Everything is taking shape. It’s gorgeous. We like it.

Only the labels are left. A funny story of colored sticky labels that I won’t detail here but I can just say that it made us laugh a lot…

It’s 11am. The doors open and the first visitors walk in in the alleys looking for the best deals ! The day has just started but at this moment I have the feeling that I ran a half marathon. The preparation was so intense ! But the stand is even more beautiful than expected, we did a great job. A nice coffee is required. Coming with some delicious macarons, lovely morning sweetness, the day can only be beautiful…


Quickly we get to know our « neighbors ». On the right we discover the beautiful leather shop Anook, and its super nice artist, Anouk, with who we’ll talk all day long. Her bags, purses, belts and bow bracelets eye me up. Look at her gorgeous creations :

Leather Shop Anook

Behind our stand, very nice encounter too with Antonin and Margaux, creators of the brand Antonin+Margaux, and members of the Team Etsy Nantes. I love what they do, their designs are just awesome and I fall in love with their tote bags and tee shirts ! Go and take a look at their shop on Etsy, you’ll see what I mean …

But we should come back to our jewels…

The first women are stopping by our stand. How happy I am to be able to discuss directly with my clients and assist in the fitting. To see the jewels I created now worn by somebody is a real pleasure. Sometimes immediately worn, sometimes packed in a lovely floral little box, I leave these women with their new jewels. I like this feeling. Headbands, fine bracelets, long necklaces with retro style tassels, and long earrings are the favorite items of the day. Very pleased to see that people like the jewels from the new collection. The bet is won !

6pm. The fripesparty closes its doors for the night. Time flies ! Even is the first week-end of national sales has probably had an influence on the number of visitors at the party, we are really delighted with this first day. Our dream team packs everything well and let’s go have a drink! This night, it will be at the « Cantine ». A nice ephemeral bar/restaurant for the summer with a view on the city from along the river. Under the sun, the sangria brings the final note to a great day…


Sunday morning, second installation. We decide to slightly modify the tables settings to make our stand be even more friendly, attractive and to be able to discuss easily with the visitors. And it works !

Sunday is hot day, very sunny and very hot. We hope that not everybody in the city has planned to go to the beach… especially because the thrift seem better than the day before. As a « VIP » (I like saying that, but to be honest it only means I am an exhibitor :-) ) I go take a tour of the second hand little shops of the day. I can’t help doing that ! I’m a woman, I love summer dresses and I have the feeling there is something for me out there ! and boom, coup de foudre ! Two lovely dresses hanging in front of me. Ok, I try. Of course, they both fit. So I buy them. That’s totally the Fripesparty spirit ! Do some shopping at mini prices and feel as happy as if I had bought a haute couture outfit. I love that. Here is a picture of some of my shopping. Do you like it ?

On top of all, I totally fell in love with a brown leather handbag, a vintage Lancel, perfect shape. I’m a fan !

Vintage Brown Leather Bag - Vintage Lancel

My shopping done, I get back to our stand, left to my chéri who is taking care of the last display details. We’re definitely a good team ! 11am, the doors open again. We quickly observe more visitors than the day before, and some people biking along the « Voyage à Nantes » are happy to improvise a stop in the huge industrial hall transformed for a week-end.

Sunday afternoon I also got the nice surprise to meet Elodie, creator of the blog Bull’Elodie who published few months ago an article (only in French!) about Sophie & Renée. I finally put a face on these articles full of happiness ! In our discussion, she shared with me a plan that she has with several other bloggers but sshhh ! It’s still a secret ! The only thing I can tell is that is a great idea and we’ll probably see each other again in Nantes one day. Can’t wait !

And the Sunday afternoon goes so fast. While some exhibitors are already packing, we continue welcoming some women, looking for the perfect pair of earrings matching their new outfits they just bought. We couldn’t have expected better to complete the day.

6pm. It’s now time to pack everything. Beginning of a new challenge ! Once all the jewels are packed in their boxes and bags, there are « only » the tables and displays left… At this moment, 95% of the exhibitors have already left the Hall. We can see the organizers of the event already celebrating the week-end in the lounge area while we’re still taking to pieces the tables…

The main entrance is already closed so we need to notify the organizers our presence in the place to be able to leave. They thought everybody was gone. Funny moment…

8pm, the car is finally full. Bye bye the Fripesparty…

We deserved a good drink on a terrasse downtown. Cider for me, Pastis for my teammate husband (normal for a french south guy)

Fantastic experience for a first exhibition. Discovery of some aspects of the job not approached before and of the work that has to be done to prepare such an event. Before and the D Day. Lots of good memories in my mind and ready to come back whenever we can !

For more pictures of this great event, please visit the album on Facebook, by Marina Milor Photography

See you soon my friends, Sophie & Renée will be back in Nantes ! And THANK YOU again to those of you who came and visit our stand ! We hope to see you again !





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