Chic Pullover : 2 ways to transform your basic pullover in an unique piece!

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We all have a “basic” pullover that we would love to transform in an awesome one!…Here is the answer! or even two! Right here, you’ll find two great DIY, super nice and easy to make. You’ll only need some basic skills in sewing (just with needle and thread), cisors and a little bit of will! :-) Let’s go and make your new chic pullover!

The first DIY illustrates with pictures the steps to create some glittering elbows, while the second one gives you an idea for a super cute asymetrical bow pullover! Go and make yours! And please don’t hesitate to share the pictures of your work, we’ll love to see that!

Glittering Elbows

DIY Glittering Elbows on Pull over

 Here is an example with a shiny fabric, but you can also make a nice DIY with some other types of fabric, like floral, velvet, etc
Let your imagination do the work!

Asymetric Romantic Pullover : Ribbon on the shoulder

Asymetric Pullover with Ribbon

Here is another lovely  and easy sewing idea to transform one of your basic pullovers. A large ribbon sewn on the shoulder of the pullover, after cutting the length of your choice (a simple stitch along the cut on both sides should be sufficient to reinforce the fabric and make it look great). So you sew one piece of ribbon on each side (just choose a ribbon that is long enough so you can make the knot), you make the knot, and we’re all set! <3
Don’t forget to share some pictures of your work!!

More DIY on my Pinterest board “DIY Treasures” :

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