Becoming a Jeweler. Step by Step. #1

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Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since my last post on my blog but don’t worry I’m back and ready and happy to share great news with you!

I would like to start something like a “Journal” of my learning steps in the process of “Becoming a Jeweler” as I entitled this article. You’ll maybe say “ok, but you already are a jewelry artist or designer”. That is right. I do make jewelry and love doing it, especially with fine beads, gemstones, brass, etc. And I’ll definitely continue making these jewels that I love.

However, to be totally honest with you, one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to make my own jewels and jewelry pieces, based on metal, and from scratch. I mean, using precious metals, like silver and gold, and/or other metals like brass and bronze. I dream of bangles, earrings, pendants, rings…maybe rings are the kind of jewelry that I can’t wait to be able to design and make. Oh yes! I have so many designs in mind.

As many of you probably know, I didn’t study jewelry as a student but chemistry, which I loved. That is why I can say “Becoming a Jeweler”. That is also why I need to learn everything about metal work and jewelry. You see what I mean?

So, a year and a half after launching Sophie & Renée, everyday with my Dream in mind, I really started to learn metal work and an other technique I will detail in a next article. Thanks to Cécile, a very nice person and jeweler that I met in May at a local craftfair, I took my first class. And I wanted to share that with you. As it meant a lot to me and was the first step of a new chapter of my life as a Jeweler.

It was in June, at her beautiful studio/shop in the Old Town of Lyon, l’atelier Boutik. I started learning how to use the main tools. I worked on brass first, which I like a lot. Then we talked about my project, that was making a silver ring for my husband’s 30th birthday, a few days later. Perfect timing!

She explained me all the steps in the process of making this ring, and we started right away! I won’t detail all the steps here. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures to share with you as I needed my two hands to do the work and stay focused! But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Few hours later, the ring was done, shiny and ready to offer. And I felt very very happy. Proud of the gift I made for my love (that I hoped he would love too..). And most of all, extremely excited by the fact that I loved working on metal, working in a real jeweler studio. This first small step was a big confirmation for me. I left tired (oh yes, trust me, my arms could say the same) but happy and relieved.


Last point but not the least, I got the opportunity to know Cécile, who is a wonderful person, who takes the time to teach you the basics and answer all your questions with kindness. It’s not easy to find somebody ready to teach a beginner, with no background in metal work, outside a proper specialized school. Cécile does that and I feel very lucky. I’m also convinced that the fact she was not a jeweler at first either, but a biologist, gives us some common points. She totally understands my questions, my doubts, my everyday difficulties but also my curiosity and my strong desire of pursuing in this way and be happy everyday, making jewelry. Some years ago she decided to transform herself as a jeweler. Like I’m doing now. She went to school again. Maybe I’ll do the same one day. But until then, I continue learning by myself with the extremely valuable help of some people. And I feel good everyday, even if it’s not easy everyday.


In the next post, I’ll tell you everything about my wonderful trip to Alsace at the end of June, to one of the biggest World Minerals show… Thanks for reading and see you soon! <3



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