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I have been asked very often where the brand name Sophie & Renée comes from. My name is Sophie, and people call me Sophie so who is Renée ? Do I work with somebody called Renée ? Actually Renée is also me, a part of me, the one that completes the Sophie people knew about until then ! Renée is my second first name and I love it. To create jewels is very personal especially because I follow my inspirations, my tastes, my moods, so what would be better than using my two first names to represent my handmade jewels ?

I decided to create this fashion jewelry brand during Spring 2012. At this time, I was living in Boston, US, with my loved one. We spent two wonderful years there that have been decisive for the coming years. I went to the US with my Engineer in Chemistry skills. I came back as a jewelry artist, a new brand on the way and a great project in mind. 180-degree turn that surprised several people, but don’t we say that life is short and that we should enjoy everyday ? So I took my chance ! All the great encounters abroad, the trips, the entreprenarial mindset that has surrounded us for 2 years (we lived right in between Harvard and MIT),  my personal passions,  the support of my family and my husband who is an expert in entrepreneurship, and many other things, all these made my personal dream come true!

Brooklyn bridge with my love!

Back from the US since November 2013, the brand is on its way in France and is now « Made in Lyon », in my lovely studio in the city center, the Croix-Rousse neighborhood known for its artistic atmosphere.

Through this blog, in addition to my jewels, I would like to share more with you all. First my « coups de cœur », about fashion/beauty/style, shopping, travels, written like a journal, some awesome DIY projects (because everything is more charming when it’s handmade), some interviews of gifted international artists, and also the everyday life of the brand, its events, new items in the shop and more surprises ! I would be pleased to work on additional topics, some that you really care about, so please feel free to reach out with your suggestions. I’ll be happy to discuss with you !

Death Valley, sweet summer night

And because you’re reading this to learn more about me, I’ve thought about 7 points to share with you, and that make me who I am. Why 7 ? Only because it’s my favorite number !

Let’s go!

1. I am a Tea addict, definitely, and I drink a lot (too much ?) tea ! All the time. So much that you could find me in the apartment just following all the mugs I left behind me…

2. My sweet weakness…Chocolate ! Only black and milk. Not white. And if there is some tiny chunks of salted butter caramel inside, it’s like heaven !

3. I am from Brittany in France, and more precisely from Finistere, (the extreme west part of France). I come from « the end of the world of the French territory. Next, there’s only the Sea ! » like my husband used to say. And yes, I love salted butter and « crêpes » !

4.  My next personal project : becoming a sewing star ! I’ve been offered a very nice sewing machine for my birthday and I plan to create awesome things not only for our apartment, like cushions (a lot of cushions !) but also nice clothes and accessories. Maybe one day you’ll see in a shop the brand Sophie & Renée Accessories…  who knows ?

5. I love beads, since my early age, and my grandpa built my first weaving loom made of wood, when I was in first grade. Today, when I weave beads, I still use the same loom. I love it !

6. I’m very talkative. People used to say that I’m chatting all the time ! So if you are in the mood of chatting…  let me know ! I love meeting new people. Let’s have a tea together!

7. One of my dreams ? Having some Sophie & Renée Jewelry Shops in some incredible cities like NYC and Paris and some other ones. And see my jewels published in famous fashion magazines…


Welcome to my Blog, Enjoy your visit !

(You can contact me at : sophie@sophie-renee.fr)

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